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Take the lead in IT security

link22 develops, implements and maintains security and system solutions for clients who demand the highest levels of security. Our many years of experience of working with the Swedish defence industry, has made us one of the leading specialists in advanced IT security.


Our services


IT security is all about being prepared for anything. But how do you keep ahead of something you cannot see? There is no simple answer. Because there are no shortcuts. You have to work resolutely, to be at the forefront of technology, attract the right people with the right skills, and above all, have the necessary experience to prioritize for the future.

Our products

Diode Toolkit

Diode Toolkit

Solutions for information flow between isolated networks

Diode Toolkit is a portfolio of products that offer efficient and cost effective solutions to a wide range of scenarios for data transport between isolated systems. All Diode Toolkit products are hardware independent and works with data diodes from any vendor.

For more information visit diodetoolkit.com


Surveillance protection for cell phones and tablets

With an ordinary smartphone, you can monitor and record sound from meetings where sensitive information is being discussed, even if the phone is set to offline/flight mode. With link22 Shield, you eliminate this risk, and create a more secure environment for all meeting participants.

For more information visit shieldyourmeetings.com



Platform for central security functions

In a secure IT environment there is no room for errors or downtime. Sentry is a centralized security platform, which focuses specifically on closed IT systems and networks. It provides integrated integrity monitoring and log management, and efficiently detects breach and abuse attempts.



One API for all your cryptographic resources

link22 Cipher is a framework (API) for accessing active cards and software encryptions. With Cipher, you can handle cryptographic operations in a consistent, efficient and secure manner, such as encryption, signing, randomization, hash sum calculations and PIN management.

How can we secure you?

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Our clients are probably not interested in our products and services. Not really. There is probably no one that invests in an IT security solution for its own sake. We know that, and that’s fine. Because we also know what our clients are really interested in. And that is what our solutions and products enable. They create security, flexibility and efficiency. Simply put – peace and quiet for our clients to focus completely on their business.

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